Hanging In

I like to walk, a lot more than I like to run anyway. I tend to live by the phrase “if you see me running, try and keep up because something’s chasing me”. But, I do like to walk. Any kind of walking really; hiking, backpacking (which is more strenuous hiking in general), wandering, meandering, rambling, errands, the pug, you name it walking I’m down with.


I don’t think I’ve been on a walk in the past few years that I haven’t had some kind of camera on me (this is sort of a cheating statement since my phone has a camera, but I’m making it anyway). In fact, I love taking pictures so much when I walk, that it was a major deciding factor in moving from my old Nikon platform to the Micro Four Thirds gear, specifically the EP2. Now, I ALWAYS have a camera on me (And a better one than my phone to boot!).


I use my time walking to think, the more time I get to walk the more time I get to think (usually the more trouble I get in with my wife… but that’s a different story really). I live in a small neighborhood just a short while from the main street of my town, which is quite easy to walk to, and one of my favorite places to just wander. There are many little shops in my little town, my favorite of which are the three or four flea market/antique mall type stores. I get all kinds of ideas wandering in and out of these stores, seeing the old “artwork” and Knick Knacks that are persistently lying around.

Hot Dog!

This week I was walking, thinking (troubling) about a photo shoot Ryan and I had been requested for on Saturday. Our good friend and Coworker does silk dancing, and was wanting us to photograph her doing what she loves (multiple people getting together doing what they love always produces good results) but she wanted to do it in the park. Perfect! Right up Ryan and I’s alley, a little bit of funky a little bit of quark, a dash of fun and good old manual labor (the tee-pee like rig that she has was not light!). I spent all week thinking of ideas, angles, locations, lighting, timing etc. etc. ad-nauseum. Finally Saturday rolled around and it was time to go! We met Haley mid afternoon, walked some prospective areas and then got down to business setting up!


We spent almost three hours shooting, Haley brought multiple riggings and we chose a couple of locations (it took some time to move the kit). Ryan and I spent the afternoon clambering up and down ladders and generally circling Haley as she did all of the real work.


The wind was blowing, as it always is here in Kansas, and the grass was brown, but none of that mattered while she was spinning and swinging twenty feet in the air. It was fun, and freeing watching her sail as Ryan and I snapped away with childish delight.


I walk and ramble while clicking my camera’s and Haley, she floats through the air swinging life away. We all have our ways of doing the things we love, and it becomes something even more when multiple passions get to mix to create something even more!


Until next time, I’ll keep my wanderings and I hope you keep doing whatever it is you love too.




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