Gerta the Pug! Or, waiting.

This, is Gerta… Gerta the Pug! Or, as she has been fully named by my wife, Gerta Von Snuggle Puggins. Gerta is loyal, loving, affectionate and many many more wonderful words that most of you probably don’t care about. She is an old Pug, being somewhere around the age of nine (we don’t truly know since we rescued her and she doesn’t have any written birth records). Despite her actual age, she’s quite an energetic and healthy Pug who loves to play and go on walks. She’s lived with us for almost a year now, and came bearing the name “Princess” which was quickly replaced. She’s one of my favorite test subjects for my photography, whether it’s a new piece of kit or a new idea she always ends up being the recipient. Since this is how it tends to go, I’ve decided to give her her own corner of this blog as I’m sure you’ll love her as much as I do.

I  have noticed since she joined our little family, that among her other qualities she has an incredibly emotive personality. I love capturing this, and will (I believe) focus this corner around that primarily. Simple, and short much like my Pug. On that, I present to you

“When you go, I shall wait”



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